generator installation hermantown mn

Need a Reliable Backup Power Source

We offer generator installation services throughout Duluth, Hermantown & Cloquet, MN

Generators keep your home or business operating smoothly during blackouts and power outages. Simco Electric, LLC provides installation and repair services for both residential and commercial generators in Duluth, Hermantown & Cloquet, MN. With a portable or stationary generator, you can be sure to have power when you need it most.

Keep the lights on when the power goes out

Life doesn't stop when the power goes out, and neither should you. Turn to Simco Electric for reliable generator services. We specialize in Allied Generate brand generators and provide specialty repairs on these units. Whether you need backup commercial generators or reliable home generator repairs, our electrical technicians will make sure your generator is always ready for use.

Reach out today to ask about our comprehensive generator installation and repair services in Duluth, Hermantown & Cloquet, MN.

Enjoy your hot tub year round

Having a hot tub in Minnesota is a great feature, especially during the cold winter months. Simco Electric provides hot tub installation and maintenance services to keep your hot tub up and running all year long. Our technicians can install a new hot tub at your home, repair broken circuits and replace faulty motors.

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