Our Story

Simco electric was established by Mike Simonson in the year 2000 . Like all successful businesses , he built his reputation with ambition , dedication and a dream. Mike's brother Dean joined as a partner in 2002 and brought more of the same qualities to the table. Mike and Dean have worked side by side through the ever-changing waves of the construction economy that has seasoned and diversified Simco Electric . The success of new home residential wiring has been the foundation which has allowed Simco to expand into the commercial and industrial field. Their excellent work ethic and craftsmanship have been passed down to all the employees that make Simco Electric a great team.

Locally Owned & Operated

Simco Electric has earned the trust of Duluth and Arrowhead area electrical contractors and homeowners through-out the northland with our dependable services and products. As an electrical contractor, we have great pride in the relationships we build with our customers, home owners, and contractors alike. Simco Electric is a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing quality products and services to northland homes and business's with over 20 years of experience.

We are committed to "Safety and Performance". Performance in the electrical industry cannot be achieved without a commitment to safety. Therefore, our goal to achieve excellence in safety will allow us to provide quality electrical services for our valued customers in a safe and healthy working environment while surpassing industry standards.